Summer shipping - keeping your butter intact despite the heat

Updated: May 29, 2020

At Noix de Shea, we're committed to keeping all of our products 100% natural and free of harmful synthetic chemicals and additives.

We do not add any preservatives, stabilizers or waxes to our Shea butter and as a result, our Shea butter is sensitive to temperature changes.

During hot weather, products may soften or even melt in transit (during shipping) as they pass through sorting facilities and sit in warm delivery cars.

We are dedicated to always providing you with the best, so we have opted to work with one of the best courier companies worldwide to assure that your package is handled very carefully before it reaches you.

We are also determined to use protective packaging to help control the temperature of your package. Melting is a completely normal reaction to heat, and we have made the precautions from our side to try to maintain the condition of your Shea butter through transit.

We aim to always be transparent about all of our behind the scenes details and technicalities, and we aim to equip you with all the knowledge you need to gain the greatest benefit from your Shea butter.

In an effort to keep you informed, below are some tips and information on how to assure your butter remains intact.

Why does the Shea butter melt?

Many companies add stabilizers like phthalates, petroleum-based oils and waxes, or other chemical additives to their products as thickeners and stabilizers to prevent Shea butter (and other natural products) from melting due to changes in temperature.

In aim to bring you 100% natural, unrefined and raw Shea butter, our butters do not contain any of these harmful stabilizers, and are therefore prone to softening or even melting when subjected to heat.

Our butters are soft and semi-solid at room temperature.

What can be done about the melting?

Other than taking the necessary precautions during packaging, we cannot control the conditions during transit and shipping. There are, however, a few things that can be done from both our side and yours to ensure that your product reaches you in the best condition, the same condition that we dispatched it.

From our side:

  • We store our butters in a cool environment before dispatch.

  • We check every single package before sending it out.

  • We pack the butters in temperature controlled packages to reduce the effect of any environmental heat. The cool box should keep the environment surrounding your butter cool for 24 hours.

  • We have also opted to dispatch your orders for shipping only on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday (using only a world class courier company) to ensure that no shipments will be left at the courier's sorting facilities over the weekend.

From your side, you can do the following:

If you receive your package and your jar feels warm to the touch (even if it hasn't leaked or melted), place it in a cool room for about an hour before opening it and using it.

Please note: the quality and healing properties of our Shea butter are not affected by the warm environment or the melting.

As you now know, we have no way to control the environment of your package during transit, but we have made the best efforts possible to assure that you receive your package in the best condition possible. In addition to dealing only with a world class courier company (Aramex), we are also striving to provide you with quick delivery, and have provided temperature controlled packaging to help manage the heat.

To learn more about how to differentiate between butters that are the real deal and lower quality butters, click here.


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