Raw Shea Butter with Organic Lavender Oil

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Net Weight: 140 g

Organic Lavender essential oil has been carefully added to our 100% raw & unrefined Shea butter to give you this exquisite Shea butter, like you've never seen (or smelt!) it before.

This super smooth, semi-solid butter will melt on your skin, leaving you with radiant, glowy skin and the fresh, floral and calming aroma of Lavender.

Properties & Details

+ Can be used daily to achieve radiant, bright and deeply moisturized skin.

+ This Shea butter is yellow-ish and semi-solid. This butter does not need to be melted, as it will instantly soften when rubbed on your skin, between your hands or your fingers. Please avoid subjecting it to direct heat, as direct heat strips Shea butter off of its natural properties.

+ This Shea butter can be used on all skin types.

It's gentle enough to use on even the most sensitive skin, yet effective enough for even the driest and roughest skin.

+ This butter can be applied safely to your skin, hair, and lips (please note: external use only)

+ It’s pure, raw and 100% free of preservatives, waxes and stabilizers.

+ You can use this butter alone or you can mix it in with your favorite cream/lotion to give your lotion a boost

*Please note: Anything with essential oils or perfumes should not be used on babies and young children. Please choose the raw, unscented Shea butter if you intend to use for a baby.

Shea butter origin: Butyrospermum Parkii (shea) nut from Benin, West Africa.

Organic Lavender essential oil origin: Lavandula angustifolia from Bulgaria.

Aroma: floral, slightly sweet, fresh.

At Noix de Shea, we take pride in the fact that all of our products are certified and lab tested.

Our Shea butter holds LCSSA* safety certifications.

The Organic Lavender essential oil used is Organic-Certified as per EU organic farming regulations.

*Laboratoire Central de Sécurité Sanitaire des Aliments (LCSSA) in Benin

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