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+ Shea butter is a powerhouse of naturally occurring nutrients and vitamins, thus making it a skin superfood

Because of it's deeply moisturizing, and antioxidant properties, this Shea butter will help your skin restore its suppleness, while maintaining its nature moisture. This Shea butter is 100% raw, unrefined and free of additives

+ Can be used daily to achieve radiant, bright and deeply moisturized skin

+ This Shea butter is yellow-ish and semi-solid, and has a naturally nutty/smokey smell which is characteristic of pure Shea butter. This butter does not need to be melted, as it will instantly soften when rubbed on your skin, between your hands or your fingers. Please avoid subjecting it to direct heat, as direct heat strips Shea butter off of its natural properties

+ This Shea butter can be used on all skin types and is great in all of its non-comedogenic glory. It's gentle enough to use on even the most sensitive skin, yet effective enough for even the driest and roughest skin

+ This butter can be applied safely to your skin, hair, and lips (please note: external use only)

+ It's non-allergenic, non-toxic and is generally safe to be used on babies

+ You can use this butter alone or you can mix it in with your favorite cream lotion to give your lotion a boost

* Disclaimer: According to updated medical literature, Shea butter is not known to cause any allergic reactions, even in those with nut allergies however please consult your dermatologist, or general practitioner before the use of any new products.

For great ideas on how to use this butter, check out our blog.

Our Shea butter is certified and lab tested from Dubai Municipality, Dubai Central Lab, SGS International & LCSSA* laboratories.

**Laboratoire Central de Sécurité Sanitaire des Aliments (LCSSA), Benin

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