About us

Who we are

At NOIX DE SHEA, we believe in the importance of self care and we value the treasures of nature. From the karité trees of Benin, west Africa, we bring you 100% natural, raw and unrefined Shea butter.

Our shea butter is ethically sourced from village locals looking to make a living off of their natural resources.

Our trading method is 100% fair trade

What is fair trade?

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It’s an agreement between a producer and a buyer that guarantees that the producer will always be fairly paid for the product they are supplying. It protects farmers and village locals from having their products exploited. Purchasing fair trade is important for the economic stability and strength of many communities, and that’s why it’s important to us. 

Through our fair trade Shea butter, we are supporting our Shea producers by contributing to their economic growth. For many, Shea butter is their main source of income through which they provide for their families and support the rise of their communities. To learn more, CLICK HERE


While meeting our customer’s needs, we strive to become the middle east’s number one supplier for natural, highly effective beauty products.

Vision, Mission and Core values


We aim to provide you with the treasures of nature to give you just what you need to nourish your body from within. We bring you raw, organic, natural, and high performance products for your skin, hair, and nails.


1. Performance Driven: Demonstrating initiative in striving to provide high performance natural products to meet and exceed every single customers expectation and needs.
2. Always Evolving: Practicing versatility and always looking for ways to expand
3. Sustainability and Social Consciousness: Commitment to fair-trade of 100% raw products of nature, which embodies our positive impact on Beninese communities and decreases our negative impact on the environement.